The steady increase in obesity in children is a global concern. More and more children are overweight regardless of their origin or social level. Unfortunately, when children weigh more than necessary, their entire quality of life is totally compromised. Additionally, overweight children are at higher risk for bullying and are also less likely to participate in physical activities like their normal-weight peers.

Chubby children are at higher risk of becoming fat adults as a long-term consequence of the childhood weight problem. Another worrying thing is that the rate of diabetes is also linked to obesity and is extremely high. More and more adults are diabetic, causing them to have more nerve problems, organ failure and even suffer premature death.

Luckily, obesity doesn’t have to be a destination for children. Although there are children who may have a greater genetic predisposition to be chubby, environmental factors play a much more important role. Parents can’t change genes or environment, but there are things they can do to make a difference in the development and health of their children.
Become aware
It can be difficult for a mother to see that there is something wrong with her child having chubby cheeks from being well fed. Research shows that parents only worry when their children are obese, but not when they are overweight.
Remove false beliefs
Perhaps you have a belief rooted in the old generations that told you that it is better for children to be somewhat chubby. But it’s not like that. All mothers need to take their children to the doctor from the beginning and insist on regular weight checks to encourage children to have a healthy weight.
Limited portions
To control the weight of your children -and even your own-, you can limit the portions and use the smallest plates. The whole family can eat limiting the portions because it is healthier and it is even necessary to deny a second portion or the taking of sweets when they do not touch.
In our culture, food is one way to express love, but there are many other ways to express the unconditional love that can be felt towards others.
Don’t force your child to eat
Forget about forcing children to end up with what they have on their plates … that’s not healthy. Children’s stomachs are smaller than yours and fill more easily. Let him eat what he is hungry without forcing him to eat more or you will be teaching him that to be a good boy he has to eat even if he is not hungry.
It is important to teach children to have a healthy lifestyle, but above all to be a good example of it. Children learn from what they see and if you want your children to have a good weight, you should start by having it yourself, leading a healthy life in all aspects -but without teaching harmful values ​​such as the obsession to lose weight or extreme sports- . A healthy life will guarantee you a better lifestyle.